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logo design12 Logo Design ServiceLogo Design Service:  Your logo speaks volumes about your business

[smooth=id:1;]Your logo speaks for your business when you are not there - for just that reason it is imperative that your logo be memorable, powerful, capture the core of your business and with a single look leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.  Your logo design is the first building block in creating a brand identity for your company.

Brand Equity refers to the lasting impression your logo leaves on others – it is the momentum that builds on the visibility of your business.  It is what helps make a business come into mind on “automatic recall”.  In your daily life you will see logos all around you – good ones and bad ones.  As you consider your own logo design, think on the qualities that you want your logo to demonstrate about your business – the expert logo designers at Blueleaf Creative can then craft those qualities into a memorable brand that gets your business noticed.  Working with a professional logo design service is paramount to getting the best results.

How do you know a good logo when you see one?

Let us help you learn what makes a great logo.

We guide you through the entire logo design process.

1. Our Creative Consultation process allows us to learn about your business, your marketing goals, your competitors, your vision, your expectations, and allows us to educate you by answering all of your burning logo design questions.
2. We’ll will review your logo design concepts with you. Explain the design choices we made and how they are directly related to your branding goals and why they will help set you apart from your competitors.
3. You talk. We listen. It is just that simple. Want to make changes to your concepts? Had a great idea in the shower you want to tell us about? We revise your logo to your satisfaction.
4. Don’t know which concept to choose? Love them all? We are here to assist you and guide you to a final decision.

View Our “At-A-Glance” Overview to Our 5 Step Logo Design Method

Simple and Effective, Our Logo Design Process Works.

  • We have eliminated many of the issues related to the logo design process. Issues like price, time, and talent so you don’t have to worry about those details.
  • We take the time the time to help you understand what good logo design is all about.
  • We want all of our clients to be satisfied and our logo design process makes that happen. Communication is key to great logo design.
  • We make your designs accessible. Our on-line proofing system allows you to view your logo design concepts from anywhere you have an internet connection. In fact, you can even chat with your designer in our on-line work space, leave comments or request revisions, and even ask us to invite your friend so that they can see your design concepts and leave their feedback.

Work With Talented Logo Designers Who Listen

Working with a designer or design team that is not only talented, but also takes the time to ask questions, understand your business, your target market, your demographics, your brand positioning, and then listens to your answers is key. They need to be creative and business savvy. They need to understand the fundamentals of branding, brand equity and how you can leverage that to gain clients, sales and growth for your business. Our logo design team consists of not only award winning designers, but also logo designers who are trained to listen to you and help you meet your business objectives and goals through effective and creative logo design.

Ready to get started on your new logo design?

Contact us today or call 713-292-6537 to discuss your logo design needs with one of our logo design experts.

Looking for a logo design package?

Visit Logo Origins, a  Houston Logo Design, studio, that also provides amazing logo design service nation-wide.  Logo Origins provides affordable logo designs in Texas and across the country.  Logo design packages range from $399 – $999.  Some packages offer free business cards too!

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